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Trusted Knight is in the market with a $3.8 million financing round
XDATA - May 18th 2016
Trusted Knight is expecting to raise $3.8 million as part of a non-brokered equity issuance. The company structured the offering to remain open until May 2017 if not fully subscribed. No securities have been subscribed by investors yet. This is the first time the company is filling a security offering under a registration exemption with the SEC.
The company is a leading provider of security software solutions focused on defeating newly developed malware and crimeware trojans. It provide top-tier custom security solutions to government organizations and fortune 500 businesses to combat the evolving and sophisticated attacks performed by internet criminals.
The company, headquartered in Annapolis MD, is led by Joseph L Patanella (President and CEO). Trusted Knight elected to keep its revenues undisclosed.
The executive team includes Philip T Mellinger.
The board of directors includes Phillip J Smith, Ryan Lanpher and Timothy F Nicholson.
Offering recap
Status: Launched
Company: Trusted Knight
Industry: Other Technology
Amount offered: $3.8 million
SEC filing: Source
Data as of: 05-18-2016
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All dollar amounts are derived from filings lodged with the SEC by the company under current and previous names.
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