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Entity Name
LSB Industries
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Public (NYSE:LXU)
Business Description
The company is focused through its subsidiaries on the manufacture and sale of a broad range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products used in commercial, institutional and residential buildings, as well as the manufacture and sale of chemical products for agriculture, industrial, mining, quarry and construction uses.
Company recap
Category   : Engineering, Manufacturing
Product   : Chemicals, HVAC
IPTC   : 20000217,20000294,20000302
NAICS   : 325000, 334000, 333000
IPTC Name   : chemicals, manufacturing and engineering, machine manufacturing
Transaction recap
Estimated $ raised:50,000,000
Compliance score:100
Total $ offered:50,000,000
Total $ raised:50,000,000
Number of Offerings :1
Number of Raises:1
Total $ raised M&A:0
Number of M&A Offerings:0
Companies of interest
SmartCool Systems
Evaporcool Solutions
Pacific Shore Holdings
Q2power Technologies
ATRP Solutions
Integrated Environmental Technologies
Everest Sciences
Liquid Light
Oxane Materials
7AC Technologies
Elevance Renewable Sciences
Intellihot Green Technologies
Koch Holdings
CoolChip Technologies
TAS Energy
Avantor Performance Materials Holdings
Recent Company News
2015-11-23$50 million financing final close reported by LSB Industries (NYSE:LXU)
All Placements
 M&AOffer Date $ SoughtDelta $ Sought$ RaisedSecurity OfferedIndustryFiling Type/
SEC Source
Compliance Score
 2015-11-0950,000,000 50,000,000DebtManufacturingoriginal100
16 South Pennsylvania Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK
Tel: (405) 235-4546
Mark T Behrman
Webster L Benham
Charles A Burtch
Robert A Butkin
Barry H Golsen
Jack E Golsen
David R Goss
Daniel D Greenwell
Louis S Massimo
Andrew K Mittag
William F Murdy
Marran H Ogilvie
Harold L Rieker
Richard W Roedel
Richard S Sanders
David M Shear
Tony M Shelby
Lynn F White
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