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Entity Name
ASPEQ Equity Investment
Boston, Massachusetts
Business Description
The company is the parent of ASPEQ Heating Group, a manufacturer of highly engineered electric‐heating and thermal‐management technologies. The company is sponsored by Bunker Hill Capital and additional investors include John Eulich, and ASPEQ’s senior management team.
Company recap
Category   : Engineering
Market   : Industrial
Product   : HVAC
IPTC   : 20000302
NAICS   : 333000
IPTC Name   : machine manufacturing
Transaction recap
Estimated $ raised:38,300,000
Compliance score:100
Total $ offered:38,300,000
Total $ raised:38,300,000
Number of Offerings :1
Number of Raises:1
Total $ raised M&A:0
Number of M&A Offerings:0
Companies of interest
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EuroSite Power
Everest Sciences
Agrilab Technologies
Hartland Controls Holding
7AC Technologies
TAS Energy
Exposure Control Technologies
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Intellihot Green Technologies
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CoolChip Technologies
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Recent Company News
2015-07-09ASPEQ Equity Investment reported raising $38.3 million via private placement
All Placements
 M&AOffer Date $ SoughtDelta $ Sought$ RaisedSecurity OfferedIndustryFiling Type/
SEC Source
Compliance Score
 2015-06-2938,300,000 38,300,000EquityOtheroriginal100
C/o Bunker Hill Capital, L.p.
260 Franklin Street, Suite 1860
Boston, MA
Tel: 617-720-4030
Mark H Deblois
Robert L Clark
Jared Paquette
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