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Entity Name
Hartland Controls Holding
Rock Falls, Illinois
Business Description
The company is the parent of Hartland Controls, a manufacturer of definite purpose contactors and complementary products including transformers, relays and capacitors. It focuses on the HVAC and related components to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning market as well as other industrial end markets. The company received investment from incline Equity Partners.
Company recap
Category   : Engineering
Market   : Consumer, Industrial
Product   : HVAC
IPTC   : 20000243,20000302
NAICS   : 440000, 333000
IPTC Name   : consumer goods, machine manufacturing
Transaction recap
Estimated $ raised:31,123,034
Compliance score:89
Total $ offered:31,123,034
Total $ raised:31,123,034
Number of Offerings :1
Number of Raises:1
Total $ raised M&A:0
Number of M&A Offerings:0
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Recent Company News
2014-03-06Hartland Controls Holding reports the successful completion of its equity issuance
All Placements
 M&AOffer Date $ SoughtDelta $ Sought$ RaisedSecurity OfferedIndustryFiling Type/
SEC Source
Compliance Score
 2014-02-1431,123,034 31,123,034EquityOtheroriginal89
807 Antec Road
Rock Falls, IL
Tel: 815-626-5170
Steven Schreiner
Amer M. Jaber
James H. Wike
Robert Schrader
John Glover
Leon Rubinov
Michael Miller
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